Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Me, myself, I and everyone else.

I am probably no different than any other mom with kids, my only problem is that we are all female, the ages range between 9 yrs between the first and second, 4 yrs between the second and third, and 8 years apart from the third and fourth.  I guess it is not that crazy but the age span is what is getting me.  We really tried to have them all close to age but obviously God thought it as funny to space them out so when you thought you were done with one age group the one behind the other started in.  I strongly do not recommend this to anyone!   I go from dealing with a semi new adult (21) and enjoying now an adult conversation to some what of a crash and burn of a tweenager (12) with moods you can not figure out because the first child you managed to scare the crap out of so you did not really deal with the mood swings to grade schooler (8) that you can still persuade to be sweet and cute, to an  infant that makes your heart melt when they smile, coos, and puts you in a trance like state to think "Awww this is not to bad", BAM the aroma of a diaper, fussy teething and baby mood swings to "What the H E double hockey sticks was I thinking".  You give the evil eye to your husband, "you touch me again I will divorce you"; like that would take care of my problems.

Now I will have to admit I am very fortunate to be able to stay home to raise my kids.  My husband works very hard, 15 hour or so days, five to six days a week.  We live on a very limited, I say limited, budget.  We do not have cable, we have the bare necessities of phone service and Internet and a not so new car.  We have the average debt that every family has so we are sitting in a boat with a million other families.  I don't consider this a "Rant and Rave" blog, just a chance to let out my frustration in a comical or sarcastic way.  I don't really care to get into any politically correct debate and everyone has the right to be heard.  If you don't like what is said here just move on to someone else.  I just think the things I mention will be things you have thought of or shook your head at or just say "Good Grief."

Yes, we all live under the same roof in a three bedroom house.  This is where my crazy not so important life starts from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday.  I added the Ha as a sarcastic note.

Now do you ask, how does your husband deal with this?  He doesn't, he fishes a lot, which  I guess saves his sanity.  Do I resent this, well depends on what day you ask me. ;-)  I really don't mind it so much.  I get lucky sometimes and can shake the 8 year old off on him and giggle when I do.  Now the 12 year old, a couple of years ago, did not mind going. But now there is "ewwww, my hair, I'm bored, I'm hungry, how long are we going to be." So it is not worth the rolling of the eyes and raised lip look when I suggest it.

I know I make my 12 year old daughter sound like and handful, but she really isn't it is just the communication that kills me.   You can pretty much slide her a meal under the door or on to the computer desk and not hear a word from her until it is something she needs.  Now what is the deal with the communication you ask. Well let me tell you the volume.  This beautiful petite girl can speak without moving her lips and the volume is so low that you are constantly asking "what, what" then you get the eye rolls and the huff and so on.  I am really hoping this is a phase.  I have to laugh though when she gets all worked up she can be quite comical.  She truly is a sweet girl but has the passion for arguing and debating from her father.  Geez oh Pete, she is relentless in this department.  I like how she will debate with you like you are getting a deal if you let me do this and her memory is like an elephant.  The big clash comes with her and her oldest sister who is now 21, living at home and in college.  There are tons of debates of "why can she do this and not me?" Well, she is an adult.  That, you can tell, goes over real well because she sees her as a pain in her side.  There is constant bickering and arguing. This will lead me to the oldest daughter.

I will have to consider myself extremely lucky to have a good role model for my younger children.  My oldest daughter has always been well behaved growing up, but we have had our fair share of teenager years.  I remember when she asked us for a sibling and we did honestly try and 9 years later she got her wish.  We were thrilled as this would be my husbands first child.  Yes, my oldest was from a previous marriage and we will leave it at that.  I have to laugh listening to both of them talk and debate things.  You get the 21 year old that will go down 9 years in age to fuss with her sibling.  Now I ask why do you do this? Just ignore it or go above it.  She will just get so flustered and exasperated with dealing with her and state "I liked it when she was little".  LOL

Now my third daughter is a world of her own.  She is a character.  This kid can sing about anything from brushing her teeth, coloring in her book, looking out the window, you name it she will sing it.  She is a busy body.  If I could harness her energy I would make a million.  No Joke.  She has now adapted her 12 year old sister's attitude (at least she thinks) until I give her the evil eye and threaten to sell everything she owns and then we are right back on page.  My biggest complaint at this time are the marks she gets from school on her take home book to have signed everyday.  How hard is it to stay on green!  Yellow and orange are the colors that come home with occasional green.  Well let me tell you this is why she is a busy body, she is constantly busy doing what she wants and not what is expected.  Go figure.  You know I'm kind of okay with this, she will be independent and self reliant for the future, just hard to convince the teacher of this.  Here is an example of a situation that has happened.

  • Phone call from Principal at school! Ring, ring, (I pick up) Hi this is Mrs. (name protected), the principal from Emily's school. (me) yes, is everything okay.  (Principal) well we had an incident at school today and I wanted to inform you of this, but Emily is not in trouble just wanted to make sure you know ahead of time of what happened.  (Me) Uh okay, what happened.  (Principal) well Emily was caught pole dancing on the playground today!  (Me) WHAT!  (Principal) Yup, she was teaching several of the girls how to swing on the Tether Ball pole and there was a little boy that was doing music for them as well!  I was summoned by the teacher on duty and I told her that is something we do not do here and where did you see that at.  (Emily) well I was watching America's Got Talent and there was a guy! (yes) that was dancing and I wanted to do the same thing!  I thought it was neat! (Principal) Chuckles and said, she is not in trouble but explained to her that is something we can not do here.  (Me) Oh my Gosh! (not really the word I used) So sorry did not think that she would pick up on that.  (Principal) Don't worry it was kind of funny, we had a good laugh, but had to say something to you in case we get calls from the other parents that Emily was teaching them to pole dance!  
Needless to say I had to call my husband at work and let him know ahead of time what was happening.  His response was laughing.  Honestly that is all you can do is laugh once the horror and shock of the news passed.  Lets just hope this does not become her future.  LOL.  I can imagine some of you may have received  some type of outrageous phone call from your school.  I just had to share this one.

Now we move on to the newest addition to the family.  Our little now 6 month old.  You really can't complain about her at this point.  We are climbing the hill of teething and restlessness of a baby wanting to do more.  She can melt you heart immediately.  The girls all fight over who is going to love and hold her.  I laugh now at this because in about a year and a half they will be complaining about how she is into everything they own.  Oh the joys of raising a family.

Really in all good humor I am so blessed with beautiful and healthy children.  I just never imagined them being so far apart in age.  Geeezzz. God does have a sense of humor.  LOL.  I love the comedy the good and bad times we share with them.  I do believe that it makes me grow into a good parent and makes me think on how good or bad of a job I'm doing.  I strongly believe being a parent and not friend, in my case, enriches us as a family as well as God in our lives each and everyday.  Again I am truly blessed with a loving husband and beautiful children.

The purpose of my blog was to just vent out the crazy stuff that comes in my life and too the everyday complications of raising kids.  I hope you enjoy and laugh at this while drinking your coffee.  I will try to keep updates of the funny and serious things that come across my mind.  I never want to be judgemental about anything but to just vent my opinion of everyday life and it's craziness of it all.

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