Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot and Lazy Brown Summer

Well this month has been relentless to say the least as far as heat and the ending desert look to my yard.  I have been able to break out some of the babies clothes before my youngest grew out of them.

I keep forgetting we live in Indiana.  I walk out in my yard and think do we live in the west with all the dead grass and dust blowing around when ever the (little bit of) wind we get.  It is almost like winter so depressing.  It has been so hot here that the kids really can not enjoy the summer vacation.  My second youngest keeps asking when will school start and it is only July.  WOW.  Great surprise though this week we actually had rain for a couple of days.  The grass is starting to get that almost green look back again which leads me to a news report here in Indiana where a local painter's business was running a little slow and he decided to paint his lawn green.  Here is the link-
I thought that was so funny and how ingenious.

Earlier this year when the weather was beautiful my daughter and husband went on a fishing trip in the small lake behind our house and caught a turtle.  Here he is in all his glory.  This little turtle seemed a little miffed at us for bugging him so he turned his head away (a little camera shy).

Here is another quick look at him face to face. 

We put him down to see if he would come out of his shell and boy I will tell you he had some speed to him.  He booked it across the deck in a quick hurry.  The kids and dad took him back down to the shore of the lake and they stated that this guy took off like lightening.

I will have to say I love it when we go out and find little critters like this.  We find a lot but there are times I don't have my camera with me.  Bad, bad, bad for someone who loves to take pictures.

Another fishing trip with the same daughter and her dad caught a fresh water clam in our little lake/pond.
 Now from what I have heard it that they can produce actual pearls, but they are worth nothing and that they are protected here in Indiana.  Rumor has it that Indiana is putting water back in the waterways via fire hydrant to so as to not lose the beds.  What! not now they are not with the drought going on.  I would be a little miffed if so since I can not water my desert in my back yard.  I mean look at the picture above, that is some brown, crunchy grass.

Well that is it for now.  Hope to post more critter and creepy bug pictures later.  

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